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Journal of K orean Epilepsy Society 2013 June;17(1):24-26.
Published online 2013 October 14
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후두-관자엽병변에서 나타난 반복시후 발작
을지대학교 의과대학 을지병원 신경과
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Palinopsia means a visual image persisting for minutes to hours or reappearing episodically after the exciting stimulus has been removed. The anatomic correlation of palinopsia is not clear, whereas occipito-parietal and occipito-temporal lesions have been implicated. We describe a patient presenting palinopsia prior to motor seizures which was related to left posterior temporal lesion. A 36-year-old man had a generalized tonic clonic seizure after palinoptic positive visual afterimages. Brain MRI and Transfemoral cerebral angiography (TFCA) revealed an arteriovenous malformation of 1×1.5×2 cm3. We used oxcarbazepine for preventing recurrent seizures and planned gamma knife radiosurgery. Palinopsia is a very rare clinical manifestation as an aura of seizures. Palinopsia preceding clinical seizure as a localizing value, so that neuroimaging is mandatory in this clinical situation. This is the first reported case of palinopsia in Korea
Keywords: Visual Perception, Palinopsia, Seizure

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